The Kings Road is a world renowned Fashion street, situated close to Sloane Square , and supported by a High quality residential catchment area, as well as Tourist visitors.

The property at 111-115 Kings Road is located midway between Radnor Walk, and Markham Square, a two minute walk from each.

Kings Road Key facts:

34% of households within 1 km of Kings Rd are in the most affluent household category.  The London average is 1.36%.

Average annual household spend in retail & leisure services within 1 km of Kings Rd = £48,000.  The London ave is £21,400

68,500 people work within 1 km of Kings Road.  These are largely classified as affluent ‘city sophisticates’.



For D2 Gym use

Tiffany Luckett
+44 (0) 20 7758 3878

Peter Thomas
+44 (0) 20 7734 3443

For A4 Bar use

Lottie Newman
020 7299 0743

Tracey Mills
020 7299 074